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ESCUELA AUREA is an international evolutionary space which deals with the people’s inner growth and the healing of  body and soul to support them in the different processes of their lives, offering them a safe and healthy place for the awakening of the conscience and the discovery of the inner potential with the help of the best professionals and the most avant-garde psycho-physical techniques.

Our School’s background relies on years of investigation and direct contact with people; we feel that experience is the true fact which grants the possibility of creating valid strategies contemplating each person as a separate universe that must be treated as such. We know that each person needs something unique and that there are no absolute truths which may be valid for all equally. We propose activities of different kinds, but always taking into account the personal needs of each student and each patient. In this way, each one may grow and heal at their own pace, sharing with the rest of the participants or in an individual way with their environment, achieving the complete harmony we all aspire from within.


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