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Long distance evolutionary therapy

It is a system for distance diagnosis, of holistic nature, which allows, in a very quick and precise manner, to describe the health status of a person, relationships, a space or house, an animal or a vegetal, without the necessity for the therapist or doctor to be present in the same place where the patient is.

This type of therapy is framed within the techniques of natural medicine and energetic medicine. It uses the so-called “muscular test” which main element is the AR (Arm Reflex) or the VAS, kinetic signal of the pulse which allows the therapist or doctor to know and explain signs of diagnosis of the distance patient, by means of the pulse or modifications of the arms and in this way, reach to very precise conclusions about the state of health or sickness of the tested person.

The above is melted with the management of the Conscience and the knowledge of Quantum Medicine, especially the aspects related to the management of the “information” and to the so called “not local” which derives from the theorem of John Bell and on which Dr. Alain Aspect has worked so much. The theorem of John Bell, in what concerns to our subject, seems to affirm that the Universe is “not local”, that it is a “whole” and that it does not contain separate parts (except for our perception).

Distance therapy, thus, is being used increasingly by professionals of naturopathy and also by the conventional medicine by those who are formed adequately, in order to check the states of health/sickness or related to any kind of disorder in any living entity.
By means of very simple muscular tests, or the interpretation of the pulse, the adequately formed professionals may apply the holistic protocol and thus check the status of the glands, hormones, organs and their functions, body fluids, structural elements, biological states of the person, emotional area, biochemical balance, energetic status, quantum situation of the organism, subtle bodies and energies and spiritual state.

This protocol pretends, in an integral manner, observe and check any disorder which may occur in any aspect to a living entity. Besides being an instrument to test human beings, it has revealed itself as a great help in states of health/ sickness of relationships, groups, animals of any kind, plants and also spaces.

Distance therapy contains identical qualities and operative characteristics and offers the same results on the states of health/sickness on living entities, but with the peculiarity that the patient is not in the presence of the therapist or doctor (“not local “theorem)
Since many years ago, works of Telekinesiology and Telebiosynthesis had taken place treating people, spaces, relationships, animals and plants in sites very far away from the therapists. At present, we are working on distance basis in more than 25 countries. For that, we usually use a telephone communication or Skype. Besides defining the state of health/sickness of the patient with the Telekinesiology or the Telebiosynthesis, we can also “transfer-copy” instantly, “quantum information”  to be used as a healing element for the tested person.

Quantum Kinesiology and Telebiosynthesis are directly related to Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Phytotherapy, Dietetics, Floral Therapy, Biosynthesis and Aromatherapy.

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